November 19, 2016  from 10am—1pm
Brooksvale Park 524 Brooksvale Ave Hamden

At this workshop, we will begin to construct the Snowshoe Kits obtained from Country Ways Kits include the pre-bent white ash frames, and a very strong nylon lacing material, which takes on an amber glow when varnished. We will be crafting the Green Mountain Bear Paw snowshoe, especially suited for use in New England. This workshop is geared toward adults who like to create fine things with their own hands.

Cost for the snowshoe kit is $119.00, made payable to: Friends of Brooksvale Park, Inc. (FOB member cost is $109.00 ) Please note that bindings are NOT INCLUDED in the kit. Go to to learn more about available bindings and the lacing process.

Each pair of snowshoes can take up to 8 hours to complete. The goal of this workshop is to get the project started, learn & practice the lacing patterns and techniques, and gain confidence to complete the project at home. Brooksvale staff will be available to help throughout the entire process.

To register, contact the Brooksvale Park office at or by calling 203-287-2669. Registration is limited to 10 participants.

This workshop is made possible by the Friends of Brooksvale Park Inc. (

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