CARTS to Come!

One of the joys of being a part of the Friends of Brooksvale Park is making decisions to better the park and all it offers to those who visit. Member dollars, fundraising dollars and donations are received and requests are made of us for financial support for various things. Posted are pictures of Amy & Ali riding the cart FOB purchased that was well used this year during camp and at the fall festival. We are happy to report at this months meeting we voted to approve the monies for 2 more carts! All 3 minis will be able to pull a cart now for the enjoyment of staff and children alike! And the horses consider it playtime when the cart comes out by the way! FOB received a very nice thank-you note from Ali & Amy this week. We thank them for caring for the animals with such love and concern. See you at the park! If you’re not already a member, considering joining today.

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