Maple Sugaring Open House

Saturday, March 11, 2017
Brooksvale Park ~ Hamden, CT

Hamden’s Department of Arts, Recreation & Culture and the Friends of Brooksvale Park invite you to their annual Maple Sugaring Open House.

Park staff and Friends of Brooksvale Park members joined by community volunteers will be at various learning stations to share with you the history and science behind this ancient craft. Native American legends about the discovery of maple sugaring will be presented. Exhibits, artifacts, and a visit to the maple grove and sugar shack will provide an opportunity to understand the process from sap to syrup.

The program is FREE and open to the public and geared for school age children to adults. Though the Veterans’ Memorial Building where the storytelling takes place is accessible, keep in mind the other learning stations are outdoors where the ground can be slippery snow and uneven. Heavy rain or snow will cancel the program. Maple sugaring season is traditionally muddy and cold, so participants should dress for the weather.

A limited supply of 100% Maple Syrup made at the park and by local sugar makers will be available during the open house while supplies last. 100% of donations support this program and others at the park. Paid Friends of Brooksvale members can reserve two ½ pint containers of syrup, production and supply allowing. Membership information is at and please remember, as much as we’d like to, we cannot control nature and sap flow. Stop by the sugar shack when it’s open in February and early March to reserve yours.

Brooksvale Park is located 1 mile off Whitney Avenue (Route 10) at 524 Brooksvale Avenue in Northern Hamden. For more information and directions you can call 203-287-2669, visit or find Brooksvale Park on Facebook.

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