New Friends @ Friends Day

It was so great to meet so many new friends at the park this afternoon. Rosemary, it was so sweet of you to donate a pie and we were thrilled to meet you and your lovely family. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you at the park more! Michael and Kayla you’re learning your manners well and I’m so glad you liked our cookies and cupcakes. Congrats to the two families who are moving in close to the park, you have made such a good choice and have a great park in your backyard so to speak. Thanks to everyone who dropped a little cash in our donation bucket. We promise we’ll put it to good use educating folk about our natural world and improving the park for all to enjoy.

If you want to be sure you get notice of what we’re doing, go to our website, download a membership form and join FOB. For the s$10 yearly dues you will also get first chance at registering for the ever popular wreath making workshop in December and first dibs on reserving a bottle of Brooksvale’s own Maple Syrup in March! And you’ll get to know some great friends!

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