Spring Nature Walk

Even if it still feels like winter and the ground sports a covering of snow, there are many subtle signs that spring is on the way.

The American writer Margaret Elizabeth Sangster (1838-1912) penned the following verse:

Never yet was springtime,

Late though lingered the snow,

That the sap stirred not as the whisper,

Of the south wind sweet and low.

If you’re ready to stretch your legs after a long winter indoors, the Friends of Brooksvale Park invite you to come take a Spring Nature Walk on Wednesday, March 20 at 10am, not coincidentally the first day of spring! The walk will be led by Hamden resident Kirsten Walker, DEEP Master Wildlife Conservationist and charter member of the Friends of Brooksvale. There is no guarantee what signs of spring you’ll see as everything is temperature dependent so be ready for an hour or so of exploring and enjoying the fresh air. Meet at the main kiosk near the sugar shack at 10am prompt. Dress for the weather and wear appropriate footwear as some paths may be muddy. A passing drizzle will not cancel, a pouring rain will!

Feel free to bring a bag lunch/snack and afterwards we can gather in the Friends fireplace room in the lower level of the Veterans’ Memorial Building to get to know one another better. If staff is available that day you may also get an introduction to some of the newer endeavors at the park such as beekeeping and blacksmithing!

Questions? E-mail info@friendsofbrooksvale.org  or call the park 203-287-2669 and leave a message.

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