Green Trail

Some of you have asked how easy (or hard) the trails are at the park. I thought I’d start taking you on tours through my photos and words as I hike each one of them as I’m able. Here are a few reminders first.

1. Remember, safety first! It’s always best to hike with a buddy and don’t forget your cell phone, bug repellant and water. Ticks are problematic in Connecticut! Wearing light colored clothing, tucking your pants into white socks (though some say that’s ‘dorky’ looking) is one way to prevent them from sneaking up your legs. Check yourself carefully and thoroughly when you get home!
2. NO dogs are allowed off-leash anywhere in the park, including on the trails. PLEASE protect the wildlife at the park and your pet as well. Wildlife is WILD and can harm your pet if provoked or merely stumbled upon. Mutt Mitts for your dog’s doo are provided by Friends of Brooksvale. Please use them and do not leave them along the trail. FOB welcomes donations towards the purchase of them too!
3. DO NOT remove any flora or fauna from park property and DO NOT take any aquatic life from the pond, this includes reptiles and amphibians, eggs and egg masses. DO TAKE all your trash home with you or dispose of it in one of the many containers around the park.
4. If there is an emergency while you’re out on the trail, dial 911. If you have a question or concern about conditions on the trail or the park in general, call the park office at 203-287-2669.

And now…the GREEN TRAIL…Park in the large parking lot and enjoy a view of the historic barn and sugar shack for a moment.

You’ll see signs for the pavilion through the vehicle gate just across from entrance to the large lot. Or the sign is on the gate! 🙂 Anyway…walk into the wooded lot and you’ll pass the pavilion on your right. Continue straight ahead following the green blazes on the trees along the trail. Below are pics of things you’ll see a long the way. Watch your footing but don’t forget to pause and look to see what’s growing. Or just stop and listen to the birds for a sec. The green trail eventually splits. You can take the spur to the left and follow out to the power lines then turn around and come back (more on how that trail continues another time), or bear right and continue on. Following the green blazes you’ll be led back down to the main kiosk at the top of the driveway past the big red barn. The total hike at a leisurely pace to look at things, smell the fresh forest and take a sip of your water, should take you under an hour. There only a few inclines and maybe a wet spot to cross after heavy rains, other than that it’s a fairly tame hike, tame enough for youngsters to enjoy or grandmothers such as myself with a bad knee and weak ankle. 🙂 When you come back into the park proper, enjoy a walk around the barnyard or a picnic lunch near the pond. Whatever gets you to enjoy the great outdoors and Hamden’s biggest park!

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